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Specializing in Early 20th Century Post Impressonist Oil Paintings

One of the great artistic revolutions was the development in France of “plein aire” art…paintings unlike earlier works… now executed outside with paint in tubes and on portable easels. The paint itself, with impasto brush strokes giving the works an added dimension. Light, and its effect on surfaces, became the driving influence of “Impressionism”.

In some areas of Europe (Belgium, Scandinavia) and America (New Hope, Coastal New England) the style persisted through the 20th century.

We offer pieces in all of our fields of expertese, from Korean Bandagis, to Louis XIV armchairs, to New England chests in tiger maple, but our favorite is Belgian Art. We offer post Impressionist paintings like the painting at the top of the page; A Farmhouse in the Ardennes, Ca 1930 by Joseph Couture, Belgian, 1890-1965, sold some months ago for under $1000.

Please look at what we offer. It is all genuine and priced reasonably. We are at your service; you can reach us by telephone, email or visit us at a show.

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