Delft 18Th Century Garlic Top Vase

An early 18th century, very large Dutch Delft vase in a Chinese-inspired shape, (Suantouping; ‘Garlic-Mouth’ Vase; Chinese Tang Dynasty 13th Century). The Dutch often borrowed Chinese shapes and Chinese styles decoration for their “Delft” faience. The Dutch, and later English, Delft pottery was trying to compete with the Chinese ceramics which by the 17th Century was being imported in quantity into Europe. Although beautiful, Delft had one major deficiency; it was pottery (like flower pots) rather than porcelain (like china) and a much superior ceramic. Today, we eat off China and decorate with Delft. This is a fine, rare, old piece. Note: our vase has restored chips around the rim; otherwise fine. Height 16 inches.

Reference Number: 13056

Length: 8.5in

Depth: 8.5in

Height: 16in